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Personally and Professionally

Why choose us?

We are dedicated to you.

You need support.

Planning an event, especially a destination wedding, is very stressful and demanding. Even if you have a wedding planner, you still have little time to think about the very reason you’re going through all this … TO COMMIT TO EACH OTHER! You can easily lose sight of the sentimental reasons that inspired you to start on the journey bringing all your loved ones with you to Italy so you could give them something wonderful: a show of your commitment to each other and a great celebration to follow.

You can count on us.

Our experience and dedication to every couple we meet is a guarantee for the success of your ceremony, whether you have time to work on it or not. We will be there for you. We have done this a million times.

It’s not a cliché.

We truly love each and every couple who has hired us and it shows in the cards and letters we keep receiving with photos, referrals, good wishes, and lots and lots of love. Read the reviews we receive on Wedding Wire.

How We Work

One step at a time

3 Easy Steps

Step one: We send you a timeline, a questionnaire, and a link to our library where you get inspiration for how you would like your own ceremony to sound.

Step two: Once we receive your questionnaires back, we compose a draft ceremony script and set up a meeting to discuss.

Step three: We produce a final script and consolidate set up, readers, music, and any rituals to be ready 30 days before your event date.

We give you all the help you need on important elements, such as:

  • Writing your own vows
  • Readings to fit your ceremony mood
  • Special rituals such as lighting a Unity Candle, the Wine Ceremony, Handfasting
  • Rehearsal, processional, recessional coordination

On your day we arrive an hour before starting time to set up and liaise with musicians for cueing, photographers for where to stand during special moments of the ceremony, and p.a. system staff for mic checks. We also double check with your contact person for any last minute changes.

Our Gift to You

Each couple receives an elegant keepsake certificate handwritten in Italian on Florentine parchment paper, stored in a hardback case for safe travelling.

About Us

Our love story

We have been married for over 20 years – yay! We tied the knot in Florence, Italy in the historic Old Palace – it was so beautiful!  We had all our close family and friends stay at a local farmhouse for 2 days of celebration and par-tay, everyone still talks about our wedding in Tuscany!
We love our job! It’s always such a happy moment when people come to Italy to spend quality time with their loved ones, enjoying the simple things in life together.  Our own marriage of over twenty years inspires us to create ceremony scripts that are meaningful and memorable.

Below are more details of each of us, we’re very different and that’s probably why we’ve been together so long in work and in life ♡


As an authentic Italian from Rome, I am proud when couples choose my country to celebrate one of the most important days in their lives.  I am surprised at how far people travel to get married, although I cannot blame them for choosing Italy!  I have been officiating weddings in English since 2006 and each one is very special to me.  I love meeting up on skype for the first time to talk about how the ceremony will go and to make sure you are comfortable with how the script unfolds.
I am always available to add a little Italian touch to the ceremony (besides my pizza English, lol) by reciting something romantic in Italian.
I am happy to help with tips on how the ceremony area should be set up, whether you need a p.a. system, where readers should stand, etc.  I am open to performing special rituals and rites such as handfasting and unity candle lighting.

Bonnie Marie

wedding officiant in italyI am an ordained wedding officiant from California who has been working in the wedding industry for about 20 years. I have assisted over 500 couples in Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como and Lake Garda, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Sardinia, Cinque Terre to tie the know in Italy.  I am grateful when couples getting married in Italy choose me to conduct their ceremony, it means a lot to be able to make the day memorable through the words of the ceremony script.
I write all of our ceremonies personally and customize each one based on feedback from a questionnaire you receive – each ceremony is unique.  I give you inspirational material for ideas and samples from ceremonies we both have performed in the past.  We are all-inclusive and open to performing any special moments you want to add like lighting a unity candle, sharing salt ritual, a wine box sealing ceremony, and other rites that may be part of your cultural heritage.  For more spiritual couples I am happy to conduct interfaith ceremonies or add readings and wording with religious meaning.

Giving Back

PuppyraisersOur golden retriever Googie is part of the National Guide Dog for the Blind Training School in Florence, Italy, where we have been volunteer puppy raisers for the past 11 years.  Googie was assigned to us as a breeder, which means we are responsible for taking care of any puppies she has for the first 60 days after birth – a puppy bonanza every time!  She has had 3 litters for a total 15 pups, some are now guide dogs while others are pet therapy dogs at the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence and at the Florence Center for Autistic Children.  Visit her facebook page here.


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