Personalized Words

Personalized Words

For a Unique Wedding in Italy

The Kick Off!

The moment everyone has been waiting for is here! When you walk to the altar and say the magic words, 'I DO' it's is the ready-set-GO! for the rest of your wedding day.  It is also the most unifying moment where talk about love, relationships, and commitment in marriage allow guests a moment of introspection and connection to the couple getting married.  It brings everyone to tears .... in a good way!

This moment may be a little scary for the two who stand in front of all those friends and family members. You want to say something intimate and meaningful to each other but you may not know where to begin and most of all, you may have a little stage fright. You want to add something special to say to your guests who travel so far in support of your decision to get married in Italy.  Finally, you want to create an upbeat atmosphere and give a festive vibe to kick off the celebration that follows.  You want all these feelings wrapped into one, epic moment ... without too many mini-violins!

Keep reading below to learn how we reach a balance and create ceremony scripts that stand out.

We start you off with a little homework.  The first step is connecting you to our online Ceremony Guide where there is a questionnaire for you to answer where we learn about your relationship and how the feelings you have for each other came about.  We ask you about the entired journey, all the way up to your wedding in Italy.  We then take inspiration from your answers and other stories you tell us during our calls to draft an initial script, which we send to you to review.  

Fine Tuning

Once we have your love story locked in, we discuss the rest of the moments of the ceremony where you exchange vows, exchange rings, and seal it all by signing the parchment.  Our online resource library contains a wide selection of wordings to choose from so you say the words that reflect you as a couple the most.  Our online library also contains special observances like handfasting, unity candle, and the popular wine box ceremony.  These are visual rituals that symbolize two people coming together as one family and they are optional to include but may be fun for you to consider.  

Involve Your Family and Friends

A pleasant way to give some space to a family member or friend is to have them read a special piece of literature, a poem, a reading from the bible, the lyrics of a song ... you name it! Anything and everything is acceptable for our ceremonies, it is really YOUR ceremony.

It's Your Song!

The best part is when you hear the first notes of your song, the one you've been waiting to hear as you walk down the aisle; the one that represents you as a couple; the one that means the world to you so you want to share it with everyone there.  Name that tune - it's yours.

Check out our Youtube channel for some of the music couples are playing during their own ceremonies.  

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