Love the Weather

Love the Weather

at Your Wedding Ceremony in Italy

There is one solid truth about weddings:  you can’t plan the weather.  Italian weddings are no different.  You can pick the best season and the best time of day, but there is always a chance it may rain right when you’re ready to walk down the aisle. 

That’s exactly what happened to Georgina and Andy last May, with 70 guests in tow. They spent the morning trying to dodge a possible ran shower but after moving the ceremony backwards and forwards a couple of times, they threw in the towel and opened their parasols!  The raindrops held up for the grand entrance but when it was time for promises it started to drizzle.  Wedding Celebrants Italy and Andy held their post while Georgina opened her parasol until the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down.  A quick I do and kiss, too, everyone moved under cover for a prosecco toast and passed hors d’oevres, laughing the bad weather off.

We’re here to help to help you stay calm and say I do.  So when you’re planning your Italian wedding ceremony at any time of year, consider these tips for embracing the moment, regardless.

It won’t happen but it can, so embrace your plan B with the same love - ok, maybe a tad less - as plan A.  It sounds unreal, but if you work on plan B decor and set up, you will not be as stressed about it if you have to move the ceremony there.  It will still be a version of your vision.

Have fun with your photoshoot

Some of the most unique pictures come from cloudy skies and rainfall.  The lighting is softer and experienced photographers will make you pop in pictures.  Ask your photographer to scope out plan B spots beforehand so they’ll be ready, too.

Plan the Props

If it does rain during your Italian wedding ceremony, think about how you can get creative with props to keep your guests dry.  Color-coordinated umbrellas, paper parasols, or even see-through rain ponchos can be a fun way to protect your guests and have a blast with pictures.

Keep Warm and Dry

A springtime wedding ceremony in Italy can see temperatures drop and winds pick up before and after a rain.   Your guests will need something to dry off with and keep warm, so plan for towels and blankets that double as photoboth props!  Think of the great pictures of people warming up wrapped in a signature blanket with your initials that acts as a wedding favor to take home. 

Rain can be memorable

You may be upset about the rain, but don’t let it own you.  Your guests look to you for the mood of the day, so embrace mother nature and think of all the upsides for the vineyards and the crops that make up the wondereful Italian food and wine you will be enjoying during the wedding reception to follow. 

You are getting married in Italy to the love of your life - rain or shine!

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