We offer three ways to make sure your wedding ceremony mirrors your vision.
Each one involves a different level of involvement and focus to ensure your ceremony is a success.


Ceremony Script Creation and Performance

Hundreds of unique ceremonies over 20 years of officiating make up our hands-on experience in script writing and performance. We build your story along side you through inspiring questions and thoughtful words to express your feelings. We guide you every step of the way, from your personal story to your deepest vows, exchanging rings and finally, the kiss.

Our extensive library of material is at your fingertips and it includes handpicked ceremonies we’ve performed in the past, suggested readings stretching from the bible to Winnie the Pooh, music playlists spanning traditional classics to modern artists, and special rites we have had the privilege of executing over the years.

Similar to a movie production, we craft your script together and once we have your approval, we take those words to your wedding day and deliver them with our signature Italian flair.


Vow writing and Performance Coaching

You know deep down what you want to say to your one true love on your wedding day … or maybe not! We provide ideas and guidance to put into words what is written in your hearts.  We help you reflect on what you truly feel is important to say to each other to kick off your marriage in a way that is personal to you two as a couple.

Saying those words out loud is a whole other matter. It is natural for you to feel nervous when you recite your personal vows, those feelings are your deepest thoughts and you want them to come out clearly and smoothly.

We help you gain confidence to be your best in the best moment of the ceremony. We practice with you and make sure you look and sound like the person your partner loves so much.


Ceremony Script and Officiant Coaching

You may have a close family member or friend who requests the honor of performing your wedding ceremony, but they may not have the expertise to be in front of a crowd or the background material to write a meaningful script.  We offer our creative writing skills to put down on paper the same words we would use if we were your officiants, and we practice with your chosen officiant so they are confident performing your ceremony.

We go through the same script writing process we do with all of our couples to create the wedding ceremony you envision. Once the script is ready, we schedule a coaching session to prepare your officiant to master the entire ceremony like a professional, from reciting the script to managing other details in ceremony set up and execution.

We also include our signature symbolic ceremony certificate to sign together as testimony to the vows you make on your wedding day.

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Your Ceremony with Us

Our services are based on the premise that every wedding ceremony is unique.  We work with you to build a meaningful script that is personalized by adding elements you feel reflect your relationship and give meaning to your coming together in marriage in Italy.  You receive access to our extensive library of past ceremonies and material to inspire you, and we assist you in deciding readings, music, and special additions you may have in mind like handfasting, lighting a unity candle, or sealing your vows in a wine box.

We offer guidance for writing your promises to each other and we coach you to help you deliver them smoothly.

We keep you on track with a clear timeline and gentle nudging when we see you are overwhelmed with all the wedding planning.

As you may have guessed, the process of creating your ceremony is gradual, so along the way we offer our full availability for unlimited email correspondence and scheduled online video calls to support you.

How We Work

3 Easy Steps to a wedding ceremony in Italy


You receive our Ceremony Guide with a timeline, a questionnaire, and links to our library for inspirational ceremony samples.  You choose how you would like your own wedding ceremony to sound, add rituals you might like, and include other meaningful moments like readings and music.


Once we have your input, we create a draft ceremony script which we fine tune together with other dynamics about your ceremony such as altar set up, processional participants, musical moments, readings and readers, personal vows, rings, and kiss execution.


Everything is ready to go 30 days before your event date. You receive the final script for approval and consolidation of dynamics. This does not preclude last minute changes which can be made up to one week prior to the ceremony.

Our families still talk today about how kind and lovely both Bonnie and Luca are and how much they added to our day, and we couldn't agree more. If you're feeling like you don't know where to start, or what's right for you, I promise Bonnie and Luca will have your backs from day 1 and help you figure it out.

Victoria and Bobby

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A Gift from
Wedding Celebrants

in Italy

Your Italian wedding ceremony is 'made official' with an elegant keepsake wedding certificate handwritten in Italian on Florentine parchment paper, preserved in a hardback folder for safe traveling.

A special reminder of your destination wedding in Italy and the heartfelt words spoken by your Italian wedding celebrants.

Extra help for your Italian wedding

We can assist with other important elements for your ceremony, such as:


Choreograph the entire ceremony and attend rehearsal to make it all come together smoothly


Speech writing assistance and coaching to streamline the moments during your reception when family and friends tell stories.

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