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The most unifying moment of your Italian wedding day is the symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy. The words talk all about the love that brought you both to a unique moment of connection and all the way to Italy to get married. The ceremony expresses the deep meaning behind coming together in a marriage, something that many of your guests may relate to. It brings everyone to tears … in a good way!
It is a scary moment for you, too. You want to say something intimate and meaningful to your partner but you may not know where to begin, and you may have a little stage fright. Additionally, you want to say something special to your family and friends who traveled all the way to Italy to support your decision. At the same time, you want to create an upbeat atmosphere and give your guests a festive feeling to kick off the celebration that follows. You want all these feelings at the same time, wrapped up in one, epic moment … without too many mini-violins.

Here’s how we accomplish the job.

Creating Your Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Italy

The first thing we do is send you a questionnaire to learn the story of your relationship and how the feelings you have for each other came about. Then we learn about the journey all the way up to your wedding in Italy. Finally, we take inspiration from some of the stories you tell and expand them in a light-hearted way to engage your guests right from the beginning so that everyone – including you – relax and enjoy the vows that you’ll exchange later on.

Read the stories below to see how we created a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy for some couples we married in the past. (names and places have been changed for privacy reasons).

Where’s my cell phone charger?

Back Story:  Ana and Greg met at a hotel pool in Ibiza, where they were vacationing with friends.
Greg: It was really hot so a mate and I wandered into the pool to cool down with our drinks… after being in the waist-deep water for about 10 minutes this gorgeous girl wandered over to us… then asked me “Do you have a phone charger?”… I mean we were in the middle of a busy pool and she was asking for a phone charger… she had lost her friends and her phone had died.
We went and put on the phone on charge, I thought it was then going to be awkward.. how do we wait for the phone to charge? … But Ana introduced herself and then asked would I spend some time with her on the water slides. I said YES without hesitation. We then spent an hour on the slides, met back up with her friends introduced them to my mates and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together… the rest is history.

Side Note:  The wedding day was very stressful for them both but mostly for Ana because their two families did not speak the same language. When it was time to walk down the aisle, Ana was a bundle of nerves, and seeing all the guests and Greg at the altar made her start sweating ….
The officiant began the wedding ceremony, and this happened:

Ana and Greg, as you are joined together in marriage,
search inside yourselves for the wisdom of this special covenant,
which from ancient times has been expressed in those very ideas
that come straight from the heart.
The promise you are about to make to each other is one of irrevocable love,
fidelity, cooperation, and understanding through life and all of life’s challenges.
Your first challenge together …. well, your very first challenge was finding a phone charger … that turned out well, didn’t it?!

Ana threw her head back and started laughing! The memory of their first encounter, being lost and finding Greg to save the day, made so much sense!

Italian roots

A lot of couples with Italian roots plan to get married in Italy as a tribute to their heritage and family members who left the homeland as children. Some of them have no relatives left in Italy and know little about their Italian history.

This was the case for Joe Guiducci. He wanted to marry his college sweetheart Andorra in the homeland, not really knowing much about it at all. So Bonnie did some research and here’s how we started their ceremony:

I am honored to be here with Andorra and Joe and all of you. I hope the beauty of this place inspires you as it has so many others in Italy’s rich and varied history … which is pretty similar to Andorra and Joe’s rich and varied history. They have so many funny anecdotes and I enjoyed reading their stories, of course each of them told their own version of the trip to Las Vegas!
But then I wondered: who are the Guiducci’s REALLY?
The name Guiducci means learned, originating from German wido.
There are 830 Guiducci families all around Italy, mainly in Emilia Romagna but also Tuscany where the noble Guiducci family name originated in the first millennium. The family crest in fact bears the Florentine lily.
He who bears the name Guiducci is lighthearted and sociable.
Guiduccis excel in education and science, and they are protective of their friends and family members.

Here is the letter Joe and Andorra sent us after the wedding:

Joe and I would like to send you our deepest thanks for officiating our wedding ceremony on July 2nd. It was absolutely wonderful and completely blew us and our guests away. We have family members asking for the typed transcript so they can read about the Guiducci name. Your ceremony sparked many people to dive more into the history of the Guiducci name and we are looking forward to learning more about them. 😊
We can’t thank you enough for such a memorable ceremony. Thank you again!
The Guiducci’s

Fur Babies

Sara and Paul’s biggest commitment so far was getting a baby pug together. They love their pug so much! They told us, ‘ it might seem to others that we are maybe a little too overprotective and loving when it comes to our pug.‘  We met their pug on skype and the love was overwhelming, so we knew we had to include something in the ceremony script about it:

The road to this day began the old-fashioned way with drinking and dancing and a love letter, which led to Paul’s romantic proposal on the beach in and now their biggest commitment: a pug.
I didn’t really know what a pug was, so I googled it and I discovered some interesting facts that helped me understand a lot about Sara and Paul – dogs are like their owners and vice versa, right?
So here are 5 facts about pugs:
1. Pugs want to be with you all the time, wherever you are.
2. Pugs are adaptable because they want to be with you all the time.
3. A pug’s goal in life is simple: making you happy and snuggling as much as possible.
4. Personal space is a thing of the past with a pug.
5. Owning a pug means you will always have a best friend.

Personalized symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy

A customized, symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy can make all the difference!

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