Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican heritage in California, which is where Raquel and Jason met and fell in love. Read these highlights from their Mexican wedding in Tuscany and how Raquel’s latin heritage made their symbolic wedding ceremony fun and memorable for family and friends.

Raquel and Jason are special people,
not just because they come here all the way
from their homeland California
but because they are hard-working in life
and hard loving in their relationship.

Their romantic moments are in the little things like
A rare watch Raquel went to great lengths to find for Jason
Sweeping it up before it hit the shelf.
Or an engagement ring Jason hid inside of a box inside of a box
And which he placed under the tree,
To surprise Raquel on Christmas morning.

Little romantic gestures
Like, La Chancla.
Some of you may know what Chanclas are
And you may be rubbing your head,
or some other sore body part with stinging memories
For those of you who do not know
Chanclas are heavy rubber footwear, kind of like clogs

Chanclas are quite versatile really,
They are essential in the home for doing things like
fixing a loose baseboard
Or removing cobwebs,
or as a doorstop.

But their primary use is to make an important statement
in any relationship.
Most children know that if they see their parents reaching for their feet …
It’s time to run! Corre CORRE!
Raquel has shared this part of her culture already with Jason
Who was quick to pick up on it and by the second Chancla toss
He was dodging La Chancla like a pro!

photo courtesy of Duccio Argentini