The wine box ceremony is one of the favorites for couples getting married in Italy because, well, there’s wine involved! Read on to learn how it’s done so you can add it to your own symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy.

Choose Your Italian Wine Box

The first thing to do is choose a bottle of fine Italian wine, one of those that comes in a wooden box.  If you want to personalize your box like in the picture then check online.  There are plenty of companies that offer engraving services and ship to your door.

Choose Your Italian Wine

This may be the hardest part!  Depending on when you want to open your box, pick the wine according to when it will taste the best.  The picture above shows that the couple intends on opening their box on their tenth anniversary.  So there must be a nice, aging red wine inside!

Write Your Vows

The Italian wine box ceremony is perfect for those couples getting married in Italy who want to keep their vows to each other private.  It is also great for couples who suffer from stage fright and shy away from talking about their feelings in front of their guests.

Seal the Deal

The letters are sealed inside the wine box during the wedding ceremony where the Italian Wedding Celebrant says a couple of words comparing a good wine to a good marriage.  Both get better with time!